The Saga of the Carson Family of Brazos County, Texas
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CHAPTER 12 - The Deaton Family


782    John Calvin DEATON was married to (783) Unknown DEATON. Their two sons were:
      +784    Thomas DEATON
785       Elias DEATON

786    Marshall CRAWFORD was married to (787) Unknown CRAWFORD. Their daughter was:
    +788    Harriett (Crawford) DEATON


784    Thomas DEATON was married to (788) Harriett (Crawford) DEATON. He was a freighter for the U.S Army.  Their son was:
     +789     James Monroe DEATON

856    George Washington FAGGARD was born about 1823 in South Carolina. He was married to (857) Martha M. (Overstreet) FAGGARD, who was born on1 July, 1822. They lived in Baldwin County, Alabama, prior to moving to Texas. The census of 1820 for Baldwin County, Alabama listed a Daniel Faggard and a Henry Faggard (neither family had slaves).  The children born in Alabama were from 1842, and after that, from Texas. Their daughter was:
    +806    H. Susannah (Faggard) DEATON


805    James Monroe DEATON was born on 3 July, 1849 in Milam County, Texas.  Most probably his birth location is in present day Coryell County at the site of Fort Gates.  The 1850 Texas census lists the Thomas Deaton family as living next to the garrison of Fort Gates.  A recent history of Coryell County suggests that the Deatons, in fact, lived inside the fort.  This would be logical as it was known that Thomas Deaton, James's father, was a freighter for the United States Army.  Curiously, the Deaton family is listed next to Captain George Pickett.  Pickett would later become a Confederate general and would be the general who commanded the charge at Gettysburg, which was named after him.

In contrast to his celebrated father, Thomas, the sheriff of two Texas counties, and his Uncle Elias, who was author of the book "Indian Fights on the Texas Frontier", certain aspects of James' life are shrouded in mystery.  He is listed on the 1860 census with his parents and siblings as living in Comanche, Comanche County, Texas, where his father was then sheriff of the County.  In approximately 1869, he married (806) H. Susanna Faggard, born in Baldwin County, Alabama in 1852, and whose family were early pioneers of Hamilton County.  No marriage record exists but it can be surmised tht the marriage was before 1869 because the Hamilton County courthous in Hamilton burned down in that year and many records were lost.

James Deaton may or may not have been an outlaw.  Certainly, some of his descendents thought that he was.  However, it should be noted that James Deaton came to maturity in a post Civil War Texas that was noted for its lawlessness along the frontier.  rather than bein an outlaw, James may simply have been a typical young cowboy of the era in which men sometimes took the law into their own hands and were perhaps somewhat loose about whose cattle they were claiming as their own.

It can be said that just as his grandfather, John Calvin Deaton, had pioneered Hopkins County, Texas, and his father, Thomas Deaton had pioneered Comanche County, Texas, James Deaton was one of the earliest pioneers of Kimble County Texas, and it is so recognized by the Kimble County Historical Association.

During the early years of their lives, it appears that James and Susanna migrated between Hamilton and Comanche counties.  they, along with their firs child, Amber May, are listed on the 1870 Comanche County, Texas census.  He is last noted on the Comanche County tax rolls for the year 1871 and his brand for cattle is registered in the brand book for Comanche County with the date of 1873.

By 1876, however, he was definitely in Kimble County, Texas, living at Junction.  Junction at this time was the edge of the frontier and was a haven for bandits, as noted by Walter Prescott Webb in his book "The Texas Rangers".  By this time, James Deaton was a wealthy young man.  At the age of 28, the tax rolls indicate that he had 12 horses worth $300 and 200 head of cattle worth $800.  As his father Thomas as also a wealthy man, James may have inherited some of this property.  If he did not, then therein may lay the foundation for why his descendents thought him an outlaw.

Kimble County was organized only in 1876.  "The Family Book of Kimble County", a book produced by the local historical association contains much information about the early history of the county.  James Deaton's name figures prominently in several of the stories.  His house stood close to the center of present day Junction and originally had been built as the first school house.  He bought it for his residence.

He had several cowhands working for him.  John C. Gray wrote in February 1927 that he herded cattle for Jim Deaton in the spring of 1876 and that these cattle grazed in the mesquite brush where the public square of Junction now exists.  What James Deaton is best remembered for in Kimble County, however, is the manner of his death, an event which still lives in the folklore of Kimble County, Texas.  According to whom you believe, James Deaton was either murdered or killed in self defense in one of the first killings that occurred in Kimble County.  

Tom Doran, who killed him, was the defendant in the first murder case tried in Kimble County.  It is now impossible to know what really happened.  It is known that his daughter Hattie always told her children that her father had been shot in the back.  Others say it was self defense.  In 1937, Junction resident O.C. Fisher, later to become a prominent United States Congressman, published "It Occurred in Kimble", one of the first efforts at oral history undertaken in the United States.  His book includes a description of the Tom Doran and Jim Deaton incident.  It reads:

"Tom Doran Kills Jim Deaton
Early in 1880, Jim Deaton tried to kill Tom Doran when they met at Bill Frank's saloon.  Doran sat in the saloon leaning his chair against the bar when Deaton, with an open knife in his hand, entered and paced to and fro in front of Doran.  Suddenly, as he passed, Jim whipped the knife blade against Doran's throat.  Doran ducked, the blade slashing at the under edge of his chin.  Doran then raised his head and the flesh under his chin dropped down like an apron (as someone who helped sew him up put it).  Deaton had drawn blood and the feud between the two was not settled.  Everybody in Junction City knew that there would be more trouble.  Six months later they met just outside of the same saloon and one word brought on another.  Some construction work was being done on the building, and Deaton grabbed a piece of loose lath with which to strike Doran, but the latter shot him with a 'needle' gun and killed him on the spot.  The feud was ended.  There was no trial, remembers one man, as it was a plain case of self defense, and why bother the man with a trial?  Trials cost money. 

Tom Doran's preliminary hearing was conducted under an arbor, and during the course of the proceedings, Mrs. John J. Smith, who had been at these proceedings, recalled that Jim Deaton's widow made a dramatic appearance on the scene.  Brandishing a loaded gun, she made her way through the crowd and announced that she wanted to kill that man Doran.  Several men relieved her of the weapon, order was finally restored, and the proceedings resumed. (See: Fisher, O.C., "It Occurred in Kimble", Anson Jones Press, Houston, 1938, pp. 229 - 230).

However, this may not be the full story.  O.C. Fisher was conducting an oral history based on the reminiscences of early Junction County pioneers.  Certain aspects of his account are not accurate.  For example, he states that this incident occurred early in 1880.  However, it did not.  fisher says there was no trial.  Others say there was an actual trial (see: "Family History Book of Kimble County).  Perhaps time had dimmed the memory of whatever pioneer told Fisher the story or, perhaps, the particular pioneer was a friend of Tom Doran or his family.  Others in Kimble County believe in a different version.  After the killing, Tom Doran fled, which could be an indication of guilt.  On 20 Sept., 1878, the following item was reported in the Galveston Texas "Daily News".

Junction City, September 12, 1878
"My husband was killed in this place yesterday by a man by the name of T.H. Doran.  My husband's name was J.M. Deaton.  The difficulty occurred in a saloon close by and my husband started home and was followed by Doran who shot him in the back.  When my husband was killed, he had nothing to defend himself with, not even a pocket knife.  Thomas H. Doran, a man about 38 or 40 years old, has red sany hair and mustache, blue eyes, about 5 feet 10 inches high, and weighs about 165 pounds.  He had a difficulty and had a cheek cut very badly with a knife which will be a good mark to identify him.  Please accommodate a poor widow by publishing this description of the murderer of my husband so that he may be caught and published.

Yours respectfully,  H.S. Deaton

It can not be known now whether this is an accurate description of the incident or the recollections of a grieving widow.  Note that Susanna Deaton's letter contains the information about the deep cut that Doran had suffered.  The fact is that at least some in Kimble County thought it was necessary to track down Doran.  The Galveston Daily News reported on 25 Sept., 1878, the following news:

News Item:  James Deaton was shot and killed at Junction City last week by Thomas Doran, a wild character from Travis County.  Whiskey, we learned, was the cause.  At last accounts, Doran was at large but a party of the good citizens of Kimble County had gone in pursuit.

Doran was eventually apprehended.  Since Kimble County did not have a court house, the trial was held in a brush arbor, located now whether the city park in Junction is located.  Doran was acquitted.  However, on 21 Dec., 1878, Tom Doran himself was killed in a saloon fight in Junction.  His killer, Lewis Temple, was a sheriff's deputy who did not like Doran.  Perhaps Temple had been a friend of James Deaton.

No grave stone marks James Deaton's grave.  However, Frederica Burke Wyatt wrote in "Peace in the Valley, A Chronicle of Kimble County Cemeteries", that James Deaton is without doubt buried in Pioneer Cemetery on the banks of the Llano River within the city limits of present day Junction.  Wyatt believes this because it is the only logical place for Deaton to have been buried.  These were the words by the author to Stephen Pate, who did the research on James Deaton.  Indeed Tom Doran was buried in the same cemetery only three months after Deaton was killed.  His grave, however, is marked and is the oldest marked grave in the cemetery.

As the records show, Susanna Deaton took her young children and returned to Hamilton County, Texas, where she is shown on the 1880 census living next to her widowed mother and close to the Elias Deaton family.  Family tradition has held that she was broken hearted by her husband's death and never fully recovered.  She married again to (885) C. S. Uphamon on 26 June, 1883, but died some three months later, leaving her children orphans.  The children of James and Susanna Deaton were:
    +161    Amber May (Deaton) CARSON
    +199    Harriett "Hattie" Belle (Deaton) CARSON
    876      Jesse DEATON was born in 1873 in Comanche County, Texas. He possibly
                 died in 1925 in Arkansas.
    +149    Martha "Mattie" Belle (Deaton) CARSON 
877      James DEATON was born in 1876, probably in Kimble County, Texas.


161    Amber May (Deaton) CARSON was born 15 Oct., 1869 in
Hico, Hamilton County, Texas, and died on 19 April, 1892 in Waller, Waller County Texas.  She was married to (84) Thomas Roe CARSON

199     Harriett "Hattie" Belle (Deaton) CARSON was born in 1872 in Comanche County Texas, and died on 20 May, 1923 at her family's farm at Corinth, Leon County, Texas.  She was married to (95) Thomas Mitchell CARSON (please see chapter 4 for more information on Thomas Mitchell CARSON). Their children were:
    +200    Ora Myrtle (Carson) PATE 
201       Modie CARSON was born in Oct., 1894 in Leon County, Texas.  She appeared
                  on the census in 1900 in Leon County. She died on 11 March, 1920 in Leon County,
                  at the age of 26 years.  She was buried in the Buffalo City Cemetery, Leon County,
                  Texas. She never married
    +202    Era May (Carson) WALKER  
    203       Rena Jane CARSON was born 28 Aug., 1898 in Leon County, Texas. She
                  appeared on the census of 1900 and 1920 In Leon County.  She died  on 17 Aug.,
                  1925 in Leon County  at the age of 26 and is buried there in Buffalo Cemetery. 
    204      William CARSON  was born in 1902 in Leon County, Texas.
    +205    Benny Bradford CARSON  
    +206   James Cuvie  CARSON was born on 3 Nov., 1904 In Leon County, Texas and 
                 died on 30 Oct., 1966 in Eureka, California, and is buried at Ocean View Cemetery
                 there.  It is believed he never married. 
    207      Thomas "Tommie" Mitchell  CARSON was born on 11 March, 1907 in Leon
                 County, Texas.
    +208   Iva Ruth (Carson) HELM 
    209      Wendell CARSON was born in 1911 in Leon County, Texas.  

149      Martha "Mattie" Belle (Deaton) CARSON was born on 1 Oct., 1875 and died 11 Jan., 1918 in Leon County, Texas.  She was the second wife of (84) Thomas Roe CARSON. She is buried in Booneville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas.


200     Ora Myrtle (Carson) PATE was born in 1891 in Leon County, Texas and died in July, 1972 in Centerville, Leon County, Texas.  She had been a school teacher in the Boykin Chapel Community in Leon County, Texas.She married (422) Wilborn Sebastian PATE on 27 Dec., 1916 in Leon County, Texas.  Their children were:
    423    Alton PATE, born 1920, died 1982 in New Mexico
    424    Elton PATE, born 1923 in Leon County, Texas
    425    Rena Jane PATE, born 1926 in Leon County, Texas and died 19 Jan., 1993 in
               San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
   +426   Gordon Ralph Sr. PATE  

202    Era May (Carson) WALKER was born on 31 Oct., 1896 in Leon County, Texas. She  
was on  the census of 1900 in Leon County.  She married (1331) Henry WALKER. Their child was:
    +1334    Marjorie Nell (Walker) REEDER

She later married  (1332) Unknown HADWIN on 26 Sept., 1947 in Madill, Oklahoma.    

205    Benny Bradford CARSON was born on 11 Feb., 1903 in Jewett, Leon County, Texas.  He was married to (305) Alma Florence (Hinsley) CARSON on 29 June, 1924 in Centerville, Leon Co., Texas.  She was the daughter of (1277) Fant HINSLEY and (1278) Ida (Wood) HINSLEY.  Their marriage of 54 years endured many hard times.  Brad worked for a government agency (WPA?) during the depression for 50 cents perday, bulding US Highway 75 between Dallas and Houston.  He was a sharecropper most of his life until the early 40's when he moved the family to Oakwood, Leon County, Texas where he established a partnership of sorts with Will Hagler.  Living on the Hagler farm about 3.5 miles south of Oakwood, Brad farmed on shares and worked at the local cotton gin in spring and summer, leaving the harvesting to Alma and the kids.  In the winter, he and Mr. Hagler bought and sold animal pelts.  Brad followed this routine for several years.  In 1948 he bought a five acre tract of land on US 79 about 1.6 miles west of Oakwood and built a modest home.  By this time Roger was the only child left at home as the girls were married and had families of their own.  Brad also leased a 80 acre black land farm and had a successful  cotton crop while continuing to gin and trade pelts.  By 1950, he bought a Magnolia (Mobil) gas station in Oakwood which through his hard work became very successful.  He went on to own two other stations in Oakwood, a Fina and a Texaco.  Alma saved silver dimes and half dollars (without Brad's knowledge) to finance new furniture and appliances for the house.  He died of emphysema brought about from years of smoking cigarettes and inhaling dust around the cotton gins.  Alma was visiting Roger's family in Tyler when she suffered a stroke from which she never recovered, dying in Tyler, Smith County, Texas on 16 Nov., 1989.  They are both buried in Oakwood City Cemetery, Oakwood, Leon County, Texas.They were both Christian believers, but Brad seldom attended church. Their known children are:
    +317     Roger Niel CARSON 
1261  Hattie Fay (Carson) DAUFFENBACH
1279  Addie Jean (Carson) MOORE

206   James Cuvie  CARSON was born on 3 Nov., 1904 In Leon County, Texas and died on 30 Oct., 1966 in Eureka, California, and is buried at Ocean View Cemetery there.  He was married to (336) Hazel (Unknown) CARSON. It is not known if they had any children. Roger Niel CARSON remembers him as being legally blind, and having receiving some sort of training for the blind and could mold bud vases from plastic (a new material at the time).  He made one of the vases for Addie Jean (Carson) MOORE.

208   Iva Ruth (Carson) HELM was born on 19 Sept., 1913 in Kerrville, Texas, and died on 8 Aug., 1974 in Redding, California.  She was married to (1340) Roe Hart HELM. Their children were:
    +1341    Bobbie Roe HELM
    +1342    Jackie Leroy HELM
    +1343    Joel Keith HELM
    +1344    Barbara Ann (Helm) WEST
    +1345    Thomas Bradford HELM

317    Roger Niel CARSON was born on 29 April, 1937 in Buffalo, Leon County, Texas. He married  (326) Betty Sue (Harris) CARSON on 25 May, 1957 in Donie, Texas. He is a 1960 graduate of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, and served in the military for 17 years. He was in the US Army Military Police Corps, and spent one year in Korea (1964), a year in Vietnam (1970, and two 3-year tours in Germany.  He was discharged in 1977 with the rank of Major Since that time, they have resided in Tyler, Texas. Their children are:
   +1247  Roger Niel "Kit" Jr. CARSON
1248  Kathy Jean (Carson) DEAN   
   +1249  Kyle Bradford CARSON
   +337    Kenneth Harris CARSON 

426    Gordon Ralph Sr. PATE was born 13 Sept., 1928 in Leon County, and was married to (816) Shirley Jeanne (Riley) PATE on 15 Aug., 1954 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.  He is an attorney and is a managing partner of the firm of Pate & Dodson in Beaumont, Texas.  He has been listed in "Who's Who in American Law", and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.  Their children are:
    +616    Gordon Ralph Jr. PATE 
+617    Steven PATE
    +618    Kathleen (Pate) WILLIFORD

1261      Hattie Fay (Carson) DAUFFENBACH was born on 12 Oct., 1925 in Leon County, Texas, and died on 5 Aug., 2000 in Wichita, Kansas.  She was buried in Benton, Kansas.  She  married (1280) Robert Cecil Sr. DAUFFENBACH on 1 Sept., 1945 in Dallas, Texas.  He was born on 27 Oct., 1917 and died in June, 1984 in Wichita, Kansas. Their children were: 
1281    Robert Cecil Jr. DAUFFENBACH
1282   Connie Faye (Dauffenbach) DUKES
    +1283    Elizabeth Ann DAUFFENBACH
    1284      Sherri Lynn DAUFFENBACH was born on 4 June, 1951 in Wichita, Kansas, but 
                   died at birth.
    +1285    David Allen DAUFFENBACH
    +1286    Brad Roger DAUFFENBACH

Hattie Faye later married (1287) George Ronald RUBIA on 10 May, 1968 in Wichita, Kansas.

1279      Addie Jean (Carson) MOORE was born on 2 June, 1927. She married (1299) John Stant MOORE. The child of Addie Jean and John Moore was:
    +1300  Jerry Stanford MOORE 

She later married (1301) Mancil JACKSON, then (1302) Jimmy Dee BRYAN, then (1299) John Stant MOORE

1334    Marjorie Nell (Walker) REEDER was born on 15 March, 1917 in Buffalo, Leon County, Texas.  In 2001 she was living in an assisted living home in Palestine, Texas. She married (1335) Fannin Carroll REEDER. Their children were:
    1336    Bill REEDER
    1337    Ellis Ray REEDER was born on 4 March, 1944 and died on 24 Jan., 1975.  He is
                 buried in Buffalo City Cemetery, Buffalo, Leon County, Texas.
1338    Jerry REEDER
    1339    J. W. REEDER is the only surviving son (2001) , and owns a heating and air
                 conditioning business in Buffalo, Texas.  

1341    Bobbie Roe HELM married (1346) Virginia (Hartland) HELM, then married (1347) Virginia (Unknown) HELM. The child of Bobbie Roe and Virginia (Unknown) was:
    1348    Roe Hart HELM

1342    Jackie Leroy HELM married (1349) Anita (Unknown) HELM. Their children were:
    +1350    Atessa Constance (Helm) CAPELLI
1351    Darius Matthew HELM
1353       Abigail Amanda Carson HELM
+1354    Cassandra Regina Faranda (Helm) GUINANE

1343    Joel Keith Sr. HELM married (1353) Kay (Unknown) HELM. Their children were:
    1356    Joel Keith Jr. HELM 
1357    Eva Marie HELM

1344    Barbara Ann (Helm) WEST was born on 27 Dec., 1935.  She married (1357) Harold Ward WEST on 1 Jan., 1953.  Their children are:
    +1358    Marcella Ann WEST
    +1359    Melinda Lea WEST
    1360      Harold Wayne WEST was born on 3 Sept., 1957 in Redding, California, and 
                   died on 17 Sept., 1977 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, age 20 years.
    +1361    Cynthia Ruth WEST
    +1362    Vivian Lynn WEST

1345    Thomas Bradford HELM was born on 18 Sept., 1939.  He married (1363) Tonya (Unknown) HELM. Their children are:
    1365    Derek HELM
    1366    Christopher HELM
    1367    Damon HELM

He then married (1364) Brenda (Unknown) HELM.  Their child was:
    1368    Zachary HELM


616     Gordon Ralph Jr. PATE was born on 10 June, 1956 in Beaumont, Texas.  He is married to (858) Diana (Clonger) PATE. Their children are:
    817    Eric PATE
    818    Hannah PATE
    819    Josh PATE

617    Steven PATE was born on 6 May, 1958 in Beaumont, Texas. He married (878) Jean (Janssen) PATE on 15 Oct., 1995 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. He is a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, tracing his lineage to (786) Marshall Crawford, father of (882) Harriett Crawford who married Thomas Deaton.  He is a 1980 graduate of Vanderbilt University, Magna Cum Laude with a Phi Beta Kappa key.  He is a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School and clerked for a United States District Court after graduation from law school.  He is a partner with the law firm of Fulbright Jaworski, the nation's sixth largest firm, in Houston, Texas, where he specializes in trial law.  He is a fellow of the Houston and Texas Bar Foundations and is a member of the Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsels.  He is listed in "Who's Who in America", and "Who's Who in American Law".  Their child is:
    820    Teddy Crane PATE

618    Kathleen (Pate) WILLIFORD was born 28 July, 1961 in Beaumont, Texas.  She married (812) Jeff WILLIFORD on 8 Jan., 1989.  Their children are:
    821    Austin WILLIFORD
    822    Patrick Riley WILLIFORD
    823    Gordon Pate WILLIFORD

1247  Roger Niel "Kit" Jr. CARSON was born on 2 May, 1959 in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas.  He married (1253) Lynda Kay (Brown) CARSON on 9 Aug., 1979 in First Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Texas.  Their children are:
    1255    Kristopher Kirkpatrick CARSON was born on 3 April, 1982
    1256    Dalton Chase CARSON was born on 26 May, 1991

They were divorced and he subsequently married (1254) Cindy (Arnold) CARSON on 3 June, 1995 in Colonial Hills Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas.

1248  Kathy Jean (Carson) DEAN was born on 20 June, 1961 in Georgia Baptist Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia.  She was married to (1257) Lawrence Reagan DEAN in June of 1980 in Flint Baptist Church, Flint, Texas. Their children are:
    1258    Lawrence Ryan DEAN was born on 30 June, 1982
    1259    Timothy Adam DEAN was born on 4 April, 1985
    1260    Jonathan Taylor DEAN was born on 7 Nov., 1988 

1249  Kyle Bradford CARSON was born on 4 Feb., 1966 in Darnell Army Hospital, Fort Hood, Texas.  He married (1250) Rebecca Ann (Hardin) CARSON on 18 May, 1987 in the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas

337    Kenneth Harris CARSON was born on 10 Oct., 1973 in Irving Medical Center, Irfing, Texas.  He married (1252) Tammi Michelle (Linville) CARSON on 16 Dec., 1995 in the First Baptist Church, Whitehouse, Texas.  He is a medical student at Texas A&M University as
 of 2001.

1281    Robert Cecil Jr. DAUFFENBACH was born on 25 May, 1946 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He married (1289) Mary (Unknown) DAUFFENBACH.  Their children are:
     1262    Hugh DAUFFENBACH is an engineering student at Texas A & M as of 2001.
     1291    Thomas DAUFFENBACH

1282   Connie Faye (Dauffenbach) DUKES was born on 22 Dec., 1948 in Wichita, Kansas.  She married (1288) Jim Juan Stacy DUKES on 17 June, 1966 in McConnell AFB Chapel, Wichita, Kansas.  Their children are:
    +1292  Paul Jon DUKES
    +1293  Mark Spencer DUKES
    +1294  Phillip Scott DUKES
    +1295  Cindy Carole (Dukes) GONGORA
    +1296  Cara Cheri (Dukes) HOURIET

1283    Elizabeth Ann DAUFFENBACH was born on 4 June, 1951 in Wichita, Kansas.  Her child is:
    1298    Mark LONG

1285    David Allen DAUFFENBACH was born on 15 Aug., 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. He was married to (1304) Barbara (Hattaway) DAUFFENBACH. Their child was:
    1305    Drew Allen DAUFFENBACH was born on 21 April, 1982

They were divorced and he married (1303) Jody (Patis) DAUFFENBACH. Their child was:
    1306    Carsen Faye DAUFFENBACH

1286    Brad Roger DAUFFENBACH was born on 10 Aug., 1960 in Wichita, Kansas.  He was married to (1308) Darla Beth (Clark) DAUFFENBACH. Their children were:
    1290    Brett Roger DAUFFENBACH
1309    Matthew Kean DAUFFENBACH

1300  Jerry Stanford MOORE was born on 31 July, 1946 in Memorial Hospital, Palestine, Texas.  He was married to (1310) Jeraldine Patricia (Soares) MOORE in Memorial Baptist Church, Oakwood, Texas.  Their children are:
    +1311  Jared Keith Sr. MOORE
    1312    Jennifer Kay (Moore) GULLEY  married (1313)  Jeffery Jay GULLEY
    1314    Jason Kyle MOORE

1350    Atessa Constance (Helm) CAPELLI was born on 14 Sept., 1963 in Tehran, Iran.  She married (1369) (Unknown) CAPELLI.  Their children were:
    1370    Gabriel Helm CAPPELLI was born on 18 March, 1986 in New Haven,
1371    Darius Helm CAPPELLI was born on 7 Sept., 1989 in Stansford, Connecticut.

1354    Cassandra Regina Faranda (Helm) GUINANE was born on 17 Dec., 1972 in Tehran, Iran.  She married (1372) (Unknown) GUINANE. Their children were:
    1373    Christopher Helm GUINANE was born on 4 Dec., 1993
    1374    Oscar Helm GUINANE was born on 28 Jan., 1995
    1375    Tieman Helm GUINANE was born on 27 March, 1996
1358    Marcella Ann (West) TRETHEWAY was born on 9 Feb., 1954.  She married (1376) David Martin Sr. TRETHEWAY on 14 Aug., 1976 in Redding, California.  Their children are:
    1377    Anna Carissa TRETHEWAY was born on 12 July, 1977
    1378    David Martin Jr. TRETHEWAY was born on 14 July, 1978.

1359    Melinda Lea (West) UTLEY was born on 22 Aug., 1960.  She married (1379) Darrel Leroy MILLAR on 14 Feb., 1987 in Redding, California.  Their children are:
    1380    Brandon Scott UTLEY was born on 9 May, 1988
    1381    Elaine Lea UTLEY was born on 2 April, 1990
1361    Cynthia Ruth (West) MILLAR was born on 22 Aug., 1960.  She married (1382) Darrell Leroy MILLAR on 14 Feb., 1987 in Redding, California.  Their children were:
    1383    Kayla Marie MILLAR was born on 7 March, 1988
    1384    Karly Lynn MILLAR was born on 2 Nov., 1989

1362    Vivian Lynn (West) WILKERSON was born on 22 July, 1961 in Redding, California.  She married (1385) Timothy Raymond WILKERSON on 18 Sept., 1982 in Yuba City, California.  Their children are:
    1386    Nathan Edward WILKERSON was born on 20 Dec., 1985
    1387    Emmalea Ann WILKERSON was born on 18 Dec., 1987


1292      Paul Jon DUKES was born on 11 Jan., 1967 in Wichita, Kansas.  He married (1315) Belinda (Arevalo) DUKES on 2 Sept., 1990 in San Antonio, Texas.  Their child is:
    1316    Valerie Gayle DUKES, who was born on 26 Jan., 1992.

1293      Mark Spencer DUKES was born on 25 March, 1968 in Wichita, Kansas.  He married (1317) Ruth Ann MANKA on 13 July, 1996 in San Antonio, Texas.  Their children are:
    1318    Joshua David DUKES was born on 13 Feb., 1996
    1319    Jacob Robert DUKES was born on 11 Feb., 1997

1294      Phillip Scott DUKES was born on 25 Sept., 1969 in St. Joseph, Missouri.  He married (1321) Randi Michelle (Wilton-Clark) DUKES on 27 May, 1995 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Their child is:
    1322    Elijah Keegan DUKES was born on 13 Nov., 1997

1295      Cindy Carole (Dukes) GONGORA was born on 30 Jan., 1971 in Washington, D.C. She married (1320) Jesus "Jesse" GONGORA.  Their child is:
    1323    Noah Andrew GONGORA

1296      Cara Cheri (Dukes) HOURIET was born on 20 Aug., 1973 in LaPlata, Maryland.  She married (1297) Jean Pierre HOURIET on 9 Sept., 1995 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.

1311      Jared Keith Sr. MOORE was born on 11 July, 1966 in Memorial Hospital, Palestine, Texas.  He was married to (1324) Yura Lee (Brunner) MOORE. Their children are:
    1327    Jared Keith Jr. MOORE was born on 8 Dec., 1984
    1328    Jenna Katelynn MOORE was born on 24 Oct., 1988
    1329    Jayla Kristen MOORE was born on 25 Jan., 1991

Jared then married (1325) Tracy Grant (Henderson) MOORE. Their child was:
    1330    Justin Ryne MOORE was born on 24 July, 1996

He is now (2001) married to (1326) Deborah (Dorman) MOORE.

1.    The information for the first four generations of this chapter was researched and prepared by  (617) Stephen PATE, who gives some research sources within his presentation.

2.    The information on (205) Benny Bradford CARSON and his descendents was provided by his son, (317) Roger Niel CARSON.

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