The Saga of the Carson Family of Brazos County, Texas
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CHAPTER 11 - The Boyett Family

SEVENTH GENERATION (Synchronized with the Nathan Carson line)

139      James C. BOYETT was born in Tennessee in 1811 and died on 13 April, 1874.  He was married to (82) Frances (Carson) BOYETT, who was born in Mississippi in 1824 and died in Bryan, Texas on 20 Aug., 1887. They are both buried in the Bryan City Cemetery. (The relationship of Frances to the John S. Carson family has not been established.)  Their children were:
    +140   Thomas Pinckney BOYETT
    952     John Robert BOYETT was born in 1841, served in the Confederate Army and
                died on 17 Dec., 1869.  He is buried in the Bryan City Cemetery, Brazos Co., Texas
    +953  Martha Lucy (Boyett) GRAY  
    954     Phoebe HEARNE was born on 25 April, 1856 and lived in Bryan, Texas
    +955  James Cobb BOYETT  
    +956  William Carson BOYETT  
    +975   Nathaniel L. BOYETT  
989     Nancy (Boyett) COOK was born on 2 July, 1854, and married  (994)  R. A.

140     Thomas Pinkney BOYETT was born on 10 Aug., 1845 in Tyler County, Texas, on Billum’s Creek, north of Woodville. In 1863 he moved to Rock Prairie in Brazos County, Texas, and there spent the rest of his life. In 1862 at the age of 17 he entered the Confederate Army in Company C of the 15th Texas Regiment under Colonel Spaight, attached to Polignac’s Division of the Trans-Mississippi Department. The regiment was in Arkansas and also fought the guerrillas in the Indian Territory. In 1863 the regiment was in Louisiana during the Red River Campaign.  At Yellow Bayou his company was captured and they were sent to New Orleans where they remained prisoner for about three months, held in the Picayune Cotton Press, then was paroled. After a furlough at home with his family, he rejoined the regiment in South Texas and continued until the end of hostilities in 1865.

He refused to sign the amnesty agreement and had to avoid the provost guard for several months. He worked as a cotton farmer, was in the retail liquor business in Houston, was in merchandising in Calvert, Texas, and was a cowboy on the cattle trails, moving cattle from Brazos County up the Chisholm Trail to Dodge City, Kansas. In Bryan he was local manager for the Houston Brewing & Ice Company and was one of the stock holders in the Interurban Railway and was owner of the American Steam Laundry. He was elected City Marshal of Bryan in 1896, and was a Democrat.

He was married to (274) Mary Eliza "Mollie" (Wicker) BOYETT in the 1870’s in Brazos County, Texas. Their children were:
    +275     Jennie Bell (Boyett) RAMSEY
     276       Edna (Boyett) LAHATTE
     277       Pearl (Boyett) KNOX
     278       Blanche (Boyett) PETERS
     279       Ralph BOYETT
     280      C. Ivy BOYETT
     281      Thomas Pinckney Jr. BOYETT

953       Martha Lucy (Frances?)(Boyett) GRAY was born on 16 May, 1844 and married (909) Thomas J. Gray.  They resided in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. It is not known if they had any children.

955      James Cobb BOYETT was born on 10 July, 1858 and died on 10 Nov., 1917.  He is buried in the Bryan City Cemetery in Brazos County, Texas.  He was married to (891)  Kate (Mendola) BOYETT, who was born on 25 July, 1867 and died on 2 Oct., 1943.  She is also buried in the Bryan City Cemetery.  Their known child was:
    1400    James Louis BOYETT was born on 30 Nov., 1892 and died the same day

956      William Carson BOYETT was born on 8 Aug., 1860 and died on 7 May, 1951.  He is buried in the Bryan City Cemetery in Brazos County, Texas..  He married (1067) Lillie Medora (Royall) BOYETT on 18 Dec., 1879 in Brazos County, Texas by the Rev. R. W. Kennon. She was born on 14 March, 1861 and died on 5 Nov., 1932. She is also buried in the Bryan City Cemetery. They resided in College Station, Brazos County, Texas.  Their children were:
    +1068  Ima Lillie (Boyett) EDMONDS
1397     Wirt Leggett. BOYETT was born on 9 Feb., 1887 and died on 19 March, 1917
1398     William Algia BOYETT was born on 2 Nov., 1888 and died on 21 Feb., 1948
1399     Guy Frank BOYETT was born on 16 Dec., 1895 and died on 9 Feb., 1957  
1496    Willard C. BOYETT was born on 30 Dec., 1880 and died on 20 Oct., 1883
1497     Bertha Medora BOYETT was born on 4 March, 1882 and died on 14 Jan., 1958
1498   Martha Elizabeth BOYETT was born on 22 Oct., 1883 and died on 22 Oct.,
1499    Claude Earl BOYETT was born on 2 June, 1885 and died on 16 Nov., 1950
    1500    Gladys Lorraine BOYETT was born on 18 July, 1892 and died on 26 April,
    1501    Birdie Ruth BOYETT was born on 27 March, 1894 and died on 25 Sept., 1895
    1502    Norman Kittrell BOYETT was born on 4 Oct., 1897 and died on 4 March, 1960
    1503    Oran Holt BOYETT was born on 23 Feb., 1900.  His date of death is unknown
    1504    Raysor BOYETT was born on 7 Dec., 1901 and died on 17 June, 1902
    1505    Alton Parker BOYETT was born on 25 Aug., 1903.  He date of death is

975   Nathaniel G. BOYETT was born in June, 1847 and  was married to (73) Martha A. CARSON, daughter of  (63) Nathan Franklin CARSON. They were married on 9 Oct., 1872 and he died in Sept., 1873, less than a year later.  She is not buried next to him. It is not known if they had any children.


275     Jennie (Boyett) RAMSEY was born about 1886, and died in 1968 in Brazos County. She is buried in Bryan City Cemetery. She was married to (195) Charles Newton Ramsey, who was born on 12 Aug., 1890 in Comanche County, Texas, and died in Sept., 1968 in Brazos County, Texas. He was buried in Bryan City Cemetery. Their known child was:
    +410     Edna Pearl (Ramsey) SMITH

1068      Ima Lillie (Boyett) EDMONDS was married to (1069) William S. EDMONDS of Brazos County, Texas. They had a son:
    +1070   William. Sherman EDMONDS Jr. was born on 22 Sept., 1913  


410     Edna Pearl (Ramsey) SMITH was born on 28 July, 1914 in College Station, Brazos County, Texas. In 1997 she was residing in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. She was married to (605) Edward James Sr. SMITH in 1933. He had died prior to 1997, when she was residing in Bryan, Texas. She was Presbyterian. Their children were: 
    606     Edward James SMITH, PhD. He was born on 19 Nov., 1943.
   +607   Sue Ramsey (Smith) WACHENDORFER

1070     William Sherman EDMONDS was married to (1071) Unknown Wife EDMONDS. They had two children:
    +1072    Ima Michele (Edmonds) JACKSON
1495     William Sherman EDMONDS Jr. was born on 24 Jan., 1948


607     Sue Ramsey (Smith) WACHENDORFER was born 13 April, 1935. She was  married to (676) Unknown WACHENDORFER. Their children are:
       677     Frederick Thomas WACHENDORFER
       678     Edward Ramsey WACHENDORFER
       680    Kimberly (Wachendorfer) HARRIGAN

1072   Michele (Edmonds) JACKSON was born and raised in College Station, Brazos County, Texas, and still resides there with her husband, (1073) Jimmy JACKSON


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