The Saga of the†Carson Family of Brazos County,†Texas
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This file covers two of the children of Nathan Franklin Carson, whose children included a first cousin marriage. One of the descendents of these two is the preparer of these files, (478) Alan Barrow Carson.  Following is a prolog prepared by Joe Malone Carson, son of Alfred Burton (Burt) Carson, while in his 77th year:

"As we sit here today with our computers and data bases and other wonderful devices, we tend to look back at the late 1880s and think we see only a primitive and somewhat stagnant period of time, while the changes of that period are dynamic and every bit as fast moving as our time. The Civil war had brought armor clad ships, a submarine, giant foundries for casting cannon, and an improved knowledge of metal working. Steel hulled sailing ships appeared and then gave way to the steel hulled steam ships.

It had been about 70 years after the Lewis and Clark expedition, and the Civil War had extended throughout the nation. A Union fort, Fort Stevens, was established at the mouth of the Columbia River to protect the from raiding steam ships. The fort remained open until 1946. After the Civil War the rail railroads moved west, and steam engines of the rail roads were adapted steam driven cotton gins and even steam tractors. Farm tools improved and hay rakes and cotton bailers became available. Great changes occurred in cotton farming. Imagine the reduced labor when the crop did not have to be pulled, hulled and bailed by hand. When a gin opened within hauling distance, the bolls merely needed to be pulled and hauled to the gin, which would then separate the hull from the seed, remove the cotton and bail it, then crush the seed for cotton seed oil and return the seed for cattle feed.

We know that Nathan Franklin Carson placed high value on education and was influential in getting A&M College located in Brazos County. Alfred Roe Carson and Amanda J. "Mollie" Carson lived in Brazos County in 1875.My father, Alfred Burton Carson, was born in Bryan in 1875.At some short time later Alfred and Mollie moved to Leon County.

We do not know how long they remained in Leon County but do know they were there in 1887 when Burt left for college. I believe that they were still there when Roe Curtis also left for college. Burt entered A&M and graduated in three years. During that time he paid his way by working walking pipe lines and repairing leaks, married and had his first child, and graduated in ;three years in 1897.

I am the tenth of Alfred Burton "Burt" Carsonís eleven children. With the 50 year age difference I never knew my grand parents and Dad talked of them little. I did not know their names prior to using this data base. In discussing life in Leon County I rely on things my Dad told me, and on what I learned on a nostalgia trip I made with him in 1948 when we made a trip to Leon County and to College Station and Bryan.

We have a hunting horn made for a cow horn scraped down until it resonate to call the dogs when hunting. The name Ele Carson is carved into it, as well as the date 1884. Dad told me that his brother Ele carved the horn. Much of the description of Life in Leon County is known facts, but there are suppositions based on general farming life. I believe that the family was quick to adapt to new methods and machines.

In engineering, jobs are completed and travel to another job is critical. Burt had the seventh automobile in the Texas, with license number 7. He said that he had to learn to drive a wagon, automobiles, and was ready to learn to fly."


488     David W. BARROW was born in 1815 and married (525) Julia A. (Verdum) BARROW, who was born in 1825.  They were in the census of 1850 in Mill Creek, Illinois, with David listed as a wagon maker, estate valued at $1200, and born in Illinois.  Julia was shown as born in Virginia.  In the census of 1860 they were in Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas. In the census of 1900 Julia was listed in Lancaster, living near her son (675) David BARROW, and her grandson Henry BARROW, aged 13, was living with her.  She is buried in the Rawlings Cemetery in Lancaster, where several Brundages are buried. David W. BARROW was not listed in the census, and it is probable that he had died previously. Their children were:
    +133   William Henry BARROW
+339   Louisa (Barrow) BRUNDAGE  
340     Martha J. (Barrow) BRUNDAGE was born in 1846 and was married to (529)
                Solomon BRUNDAGE, who was born in 1826.
647      G. F. BARROW was born in 1850
    +675   David A. BARROW 
    74        Lewis BARROW was born in 1858
    +729   John G. BARROW was born in 1860

81      Margaret J. "Mollie" (Carson) BARROW was born on 15 March, 1851 in Texas.  She appeared on the census of 1880 in Brazos County, Texas.  She died on 17 June, 1921 in Brazos County, Texas. She was married to (133) William Henry BARROW on 9 April, 1871 in Brazos County, Texas.  He was born in 1849 in Illinois and appeared in the census of 1850 in Mill Creek, Illinois.  In 1860 he was in the census in Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas, and in 1870 he was still in Lancaster, but living with his sister (340) Martha J. (Barrow) BRUNDAGE. He appeared on the census of 1880 in Travis County, Texas, where he was working on the construction of the Texas State Capitol Building. He also was in the city directory of Austin, Texas for 1883-1884, listed as a carpenter, residing on Bois D'Arc (now 7th street) between Red River and Sabine (now I-35). In 1885 - 1886 he was listed as a carpenter residing on the west side of East Avenue, near the Colorado River (in 2001 it is a block of office buildings, but there are nearby houses that appear to be from that era, and are small neat homes that would have been a proper working class neighborhood - but now not well cared for). In1887-1888 he was shown as a builder and carpenter, but also in the directory,  Amanda Roe (Curtis) CARSON (mother of Mollie) was listed in his household and is shown as "widow of Nathan F. Carson".  This would have been immediately after the death of Nathan Franklin in 1886.  Children of Margaret J. "Mollie" (Carson) BARROW and William Henry BARROW were:
      +132    Margaret Amanda "Maggie" Barrow CARSON (Married her first cousin,
                   Alfred Burton Carson)                  
+134     Henry R. BARROW
       135      Lucy B. BARROW was born in 1879 in Brazos County, Texas.
136      Willie Green BARROW 
      137       Alma BARROW was born in Brazos County, Texas, but the date is unknown.
                   The headstone in the Booneville Cemetery reads "Infant".

83     Alfred Roe CARSON (see photo album) was born on 26 Nov., 1847 in Tuscaloosa, Franklin County, Alabama, and died at the home of his son, Alfred Burton Carson, on 14 Aug., 1916, in Brazos County, Texas. His death was after an illness of several days, but although he was not an old man, but had been in ill health for some time. He appeared on the census of 1850 in Harrison County, Mississippi. He came to Texas with his parents at the age of 5 years and lived in Leon County until 1859, when they came to Brazos County and settled at Union Hill, near College, where he made his home since 1860, where he appeared in the census. He also appeared in the censuses of 1870, 1880, and 1900 in Brazos County, Texas. (note Ė the census of 1890 burned in Washington DC in 1921, much to the regret of all genealogists).

He served in the Confederate States Army in 1865 as a private in Company I, Walkerís Regiment, but did not take part in any significant actions. He was buried in the Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. He had been a member of the Methodist church, joining when he was quite young.

He was married to (141) Margaret Josephine "Mollie" (Doughton) CARSON.  Much of the following information on Mollie was researched by Rita Dianne Ramsey, #509, chapter 7. Her photo is in the album.  She was born on 14 Nov., 1853 in Louisiana. It is not known who her father was, and she may not have known, as she indicated in the census reports that his place of birth was unknown.  Her mother seems to be Sarah McKee, who was born in Tennessee and moved with her family to Carroll County, Louisiana.  She married John C. Doughton (or Doudon) on 25 April, 1831 in Pulaski County, Arkansas.  They were divorced and in 1848, with a young son Joseph "Dowden", born about 1838,  she married a Prussian immigrant widower named John Christian Pabst.  Within the year she had skipped out, causing him to do a legal search in order to obtain a divorce in her absence.  He subsequently remarried and had a second family.  Sarah turned up in Madison County, Arkansas in the 1850 census, living alone with her son, now 12.  She is in the same place in the 1860, and this time her property is listed, and she has a great deal of land.  This time her name is Sarah "Darden", most likely a misprint, as there were no "Dardens" in the area that would be eligible to be a new husband.  This time, she has a seven year old girl named Margaret "Papps" (a common misprint of "Pabst".  It is not believed that J. C. Pabst was her father, as he was long out of the picture when she was born.  The exact relationship between Mollie and Sarah is not listed on the census.

By this time, Joseph (probably Joseph Doughton of the Franklin County Louisiana Sharpshooters is no longer in the picture.  This Joseph, assumed to be Sarah's son, joined the 8th Louisiana Infantry on 14 Oct., 1861 and was dead by the end of October in Richmond, Virginia.  As there was not fighting going on there, he most likely died of disease, the result of young rural men living in close quarters under difficult conditions.  Sarah was involved in land transactions in Louisiana with her brothers Green and Alexander McKee.  At that time she was still using the name Sarah Pabst, but it is obvious that she was Sarah McKee.  The McKee family (Alexander and Green) came to Brazos County Texas right after the War, and lived next door to Nathan Carson.  They were fairly wealthy by local standards.  They are buried in the Boonville Cemetery.

She appeared on the censuses of 1880 and 1900 in Brazos County, Texas. She died on 17 June, 1921 in Brazos County, Texas, and is buried in the Booneville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. According to death certificate #15858 the cause of death was "carsonoma" of the stomach. The information on the certificate was provided by J.Z. Ramsey. There was no information on the certificate identifying her parents. The family story (notwithstanding the Dianne Ramsey research above) is that all of the male members of her family were killed at Vicksburg, and that an aged uncle brought her to Texas from Bayou Macon in Louisiana in a wagon. [Note: Bayou Macon about 145 miles long, rises in southeast Arkansas and flows south into Northeast Louisiana to the Tensas River.  It was used as a rendezvous by the bandits Frank and Jesse James]. The men in her family were not in the military, but had taken their squirrel rifles and went to the battle of Vicksburg, and were never heard from again. However, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History reports that no Doughtons were reported killed at Vicksburg.   It is possible that (1836) John DOUGHTON was the aged uncle who brought Mollie, in that he was 80 years old in 1865. There is virtually no information on Mollie Doughton prior to her marriage to Alfred Roe Carson.

Another Doughton that is somehow connected is (1835) Lemuel DOUGHTON.  He was born and raised in Franklin County, Virginia.  His mother's name was Nancy Doughton.  She is sort of an enigma.  She was a well-to-do woman and a pillar of the community.  She was a founder of the largest Methodist Church in Franklin County, but she never married.  He had four out-of-wedlock children over a 19 year span with a man from a nearby farm named James Martin. Lemuel Doughton was one of those children.  

Lemuel set out for Mississippi when he was about 20.  By 1850 he was in Claiborne County Mississippi.  He has not been located until 1870 when he appeared in the Brazos County census.  The relationship between Mollie and Lemuel is due to Lemuel's having been the next door neighbor to Nathan Franklin Carson at the time of the census. He married a woman named Margaret Cobb in 1865, either in Brazos County or en route.  He is buried in Bryan City Cemetery with Margaret (Cobb), her mother, her father, and two of Lemuel/Margaret's children who died very young.  He had married Margaret when he was about 50 years old and she was about 35, so he might have had a previous wife who died.

The county seat of Claiborne County, MS is a town called Port Gibson.  It is about 20 miles from Vicksburg and about 20 miles from Bayou Macon, crossing to a town called St. Joseph, Louisiana.  That is Tensas parish LA.  The county above that is Madison Parish LA.  It is believed that if Lemuel had a son from his first marriage, the son might have easily migrated the 20 miles from MS across to Bayou Macon in LA."

Children of Alfred Roe CARSON and Margaret Josephine "Mollie" (Doughton) CARSON:
    +142   Alfred Burton CARSON (Married his first cousin, Maggie Barrow)
    +143   Ida Josephine  (Carson) RAMSEY
144      Ele "Ellie" Franklin CARSON was born on 15 Dec., 1870 in Texas. She
                appeared on the census of 1880 in Brazos County, Texas.  She died in 1886
                and is buried in Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas
    145     Joseph Thomas CARSON was born on 29 July, 1872 
    +146   Curtis R. CARSON (This name did not appear in the family Bible of Alfred
                Burton Carson)
147   Roe Curtis CARSON
148  Carrie Amanda CARSON
287     Eolen J. CARSON was born in June of 1885 and died in 1886

339       Louisa (Barrow) BRUNDAGE was born in 1845 in Springfield, Illinois.  She was the second wife of (646) John C. BRUNDAGE of Illinois, later of Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas.  He was a carpenter, and he and Louisa moved from Lancaster to Laurence, Kansas, where she died of pneumonia in 1878.  John then returned to Lancaster with his five daughters, with their neighbors being the Barrow and other Brundage families.  They were among the families that came south to Texas and settled the town of Lancaster in the early 1850's. They had five daughters, one of which was:
    +772    Lidia (Brundage) WYNN

675       David A. BARROW was born on 8 May, 1853 in Illinois, and died on 16 Aug., 1927. He is buried in the Rawlings Cemetery in Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas.  He was married to (1388) Henrietta J.  (Unknown) BARROW, who was born on 23 Feb., 1862 and died on 19 June, 1912.  She is also buried in Rawlings CemeteryThey were listed in the 1900 census in Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas.  Their children were:
    1389    Julia E. BARROW was born in 1883
    1390    Irene L. BARROW was born in 1885
    1391    John D. BARROW was born on 22 Sept., 1886 and died on 17 June, 1979.
    1392    Joseph S. BARROW was born in 1889
    1393    Rowell W. BARROW was born in 1892
    1394    Jesse BARROW was born in 1895

729       John G. BARROW was born in 1860 in Illinois.  He was married to (1396) Nannie J. (Unknown) BARROW. In the 1880 census they were living in Brazos County, Texas.  It is not known if they had any children.


132    Margaret Amanda "Maggie" (Barrow) CARSON was born on 13 June, 1873 in Brazos County, Texas. She appeared on the census of 1880 in Brazos County, Texas. She died on 25 Dec., 1921 in Brazos County, Texas, and was buried in Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. She was a member of the Methodist Church.

She was married to (142) Alfred Burton "Burt" CARSON (her first cousin) on 10 April, 1895 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. He was born on 26 Jan., 1875 in Brazos County, Texas. He appeared in the census of 1880 in Brazos County, Texas. He graduated from Texas A & M on 10 May, 1897 with the degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering. His father had given him the cotton off of 5 acres of land from their farm in Leon County, which was worth $7.  That paid the matriculation fee, bought books, and paid the first month's board and room.  He worked walking pipelines and digging up leaks and pounding lead into the joints for 5 cents per hour.  He graduated in three years, and his diploma was signed by Lawrence Sullivan Ross, first president of A & M.  In 1900 he was County Surveyor of Brazos County, Texas. 

He served as a captain (at $200 per month) in 1917 and 1918 in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in France, commanding a base building concrete barges in Bordeaux. After World War I, he went back into consulting engineering, building sewer and water works primarily in Texas and Oklahoma.  The business was very successful so he moved his family to Norman, Oklahoma so that the could have four children in the University at the same time.  When the stock market crashed in 1929, he had over $60,000 in earned commissions that he was never able to collect. After 1935 he was employed on Public Works Administration projects in Oklahoma City and Cordell, Oklahoma. In 1941 he was building railroads along the Houston ship channel and moved to Baytown, Texas.  He was working for the Defense Plant Corporation at a refinery in Duncan Oklahoma when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  He later worked for the Higgins Boat Plant in New Orleans.

 He was the commanding officer of the 98th (Reserve) Division up until his retirement.  (He was a Colonel, although now this would be the command of a Major General). He died on 25 April, 1952 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Children of Margaret Amanda "Maggie" (Barrow) CARSON and Alfred Burton CARSON were:
    +265   Allen Burton CARSON
266     Helen Josephine CARSON was born on 26 July, 1912 in Bryan, Brazos County,
                Texas, and died on 10 Feb., 1928, age 16 years. She was a triplet with Woodrow
                David and Wilson Franklin Carson.
    267     Alva CARSON died in 1900 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas, and was buried in
                Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. (This name did not appear in Alfred
                Burton Carson's Bible - so there is a question concerning this person)
   +268   Robert Lee CARSON
   +269  Woodrow David CARSON
   +270   Roe William CARSON  
   +271   Alfred Doughton CARSON
   272     Wilson Franklin CARSON was born on 26 July, 1912 in Brazos County, Texas
               and died of pneumonia on 6 March 1937 in Durant, Oklahoma. He is buried in
               Madill, Oklahoma. He was a triplet with Helen Josephine and  Woodrow David
  273      Margaret Ida Josephine CARSON was born on 17 Nov., 1901 and died while
               her father was in France during World War I (about 1918). She died in childbirth. 
               Her father had sent her $200 for her wedding, and it was used for her burial.

He married (291) Mary Itha (Malone) CARSON on 25 Jan., 1923 in Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma. He had been building sewers and waterworks there, and Itha worked for the City Clerk and had done some secretarial work for him. She was born on 17 June, 1901 in Brownwood County, Texas. She died on 27 Dec., 1976 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Fort Worth. Children of Mary Itha (Malone) CARSON were:
    +292  Sue (Carson) MORRISON
    +293 Joe Malone CARSON

134    Henry R. BARROW was born in 1877 in Texas.                  

136      William (Willie) Green BARROW was born on 30 June, 1888 in Brazos County, Texas,  and died on June 4, 1966, in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas, and is buried in Steep Hollow Cemetery, located 5 miles from Bryan.. He was married to (1763) Lula Belle (Dawson) BARROW.  She was born in 1866 and died in 1975.  She is buried in Steep Hollow Cemetery.  The had an infant child who was born on August 1, 1912, and died nine days later.  and and another who was born and died on April 13, 1921. Both of these infants are buried in Steep Hollow Cemetery. They had one two surviving children:
     +1774    William David BARROW
1776    Margaret (Barrow) FULLER

Note: see the article on the Steep Hollow Cemetery at the end of this chapter.

    Ida Josephine (Carson) RAMSEY was born in Aug., 1888 In Texas. She appeared on the census of 1900 in Brazos County, Texas. She died in 1919 in Brazos County, Texas. She was buried in the Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. She was married to (188) James Ziegler RAMSEY on 19 March, 1904 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. She had met her future husband at a funeral in Boonville. He was born on 15 Mar., 1884 in Comanche County, Texas. He died on 11 Dec., 1946 in  Brazos County, Texas, and is buried in the Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas.  Their children were:
    +295   Vera (Ramsey) MATHIS
    296      Thelma Pearl RAMSEY was born on 30 Aug., 1908 in Bryan, Brazos County,
                 Texas  and died there on 30 March, 1910. She is buried in the Carson area of the
                 Boonville Cemetery in Brazos County, Texas. She was 2 years old.
   +297     Johnnie Zieglar RAMSEY
   +298     James Nelson RAMSEY
   +299     Alfred Richard RAMSEY
   +300    Margaret Josephine (Ramsey) CATES
+301     Lois Ida (Ramsey) PATTERSON
+303    Dorothy Ann (Ramsey) BROWN
+304    Willie Hailey RAMSEY

           Please refer to chapter 7 for more information
         on the Ramsey Family from Comanche County

146     Curtis R. CARSON was born in 1879 in Texas. He appeared on the 1880 census in Brazos County, Texas. Children of Curtis R. CARSON were:
    306     Curtis R. Jr. CARSON graduated from Texas A & M in 1939

147     Roe Curtis CARSON (see photo album) was born on 7 July, 1879 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. He was graduated from Texas A & M with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1899. He appeared on the census of 1900 in Brazos County, Texas, shown as living with Curtis Carson, his uncle. He was a machinist in Gainesville, Texas with the Santa Fe Railway. He had also worked in Somerville and Cleburne, Texas for the Santa Fe. He was transferred to Gainesville in 1913. He was also proprietor of the Liberty Theater in Gainesville. He was a member of the Grand Avenue Baptist Church in Gainesville, Texas. His obituary in the Gainesville Hesperian stated that he "died in the Santa Fe Hospital in Temple, Texas from a complication of stomach and gall bladder trouble, after an illness of two weeks, and that the entire medical staff of the hospital were unable to trace the direct cause and called in other noted surgeons of Temple, all of whom were at a loss to determine the real cause of Mr. Carson's illness."  His funeral was at the Grand Avenue Baptist Church, and he was buried in Fairview cemetery.  Services at the grave were conducted by the Odd Fellows and the Masons.

He was married to (307) Minnie (Ratcliff) CARSON (see photo album) on 6 Oct., 1902. Their children were:
   +308      Kenneth Raymond CARSON
   +309      Grace Roe (Carson) WARE
   +310      Ruby CARSON

148    Carrie CARSON was born on 7 Feb., 1883 in Brazos County, Texas, and died on 25 June, 1889 in Steep Hollow, Brazos County, Texas.  She died at the age of 16 years, 4 months, and 19 days.  According to her obituary, she died of "brain fever" following a spell of "slow fever".  She was "very bright and studious, and had just secured a certificate to teach when she was taken sick".  Her family later concluded that she had died of scarlet fever.     

772        Lidia (Brundage) WYNN married (773) E. J. WYNN in 1884 and had two sons, which were:
    +774    Dow Sr. WYNN  
1401 Earl J. WYNN  


265     Allen Burton CARSON was born on 7 May 1904 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. He died on 21 Aug., 1974 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, and was cremated there. He had had bad health most of his adult life, i.e., emphysema, Parkinsonís, petite mal (mild epilepsy), and finally strokes. Allen Burton CARSON attended Oklahoma A & M (now Oklahoma State University) in Stillwater, Oklahoma, but did not graduate. He did receive a license as a Professional Engineer (civil) in both Texas and Arizona. He worked many years in the sewer and water department of the City of Fort Worth, Texas, but because of declining health, moved to Phoenix Arizona, where he worked for the City of Phoenix until his retirement in 1969. He had been a Methodist and Democrat, and had been a member of the Shrine.

He was married to (477) Mattylynn (Thompson) CARSON on 31 Dec., 1927 in Snyder, Kiowa County, Oklahoma. She was born on 29 June, 1905 in Headrick, Jackson County, Oklahoma, and died on 18 Dec., 1994 of old age  in Huntington Beach, California, and was cremated there. Her brothers and sisters had all been born Texans, but she was born after her family moved to Oklahoma.  Her father was a businessman who died at the age of 51 because of infection after teeth extraction, leaving a large family.  She had a BA and MA in Education and taught for many years in Fort Worth and Phoenix. Her main interests were her church (she was as Methodist as one can get) and charitable work. Children of Allen Burton CARSON and Mattylynn (Thompson) CARSON were:
    +478     Alan Barrow CARSON
    +479     Rebecca Lynn (Carson) OíNEILL

    268     Robert Lee CARSON was born on 31 Jan., 1899 in Caldwell, Texas. He attended  Texas A & M in 1920 and studied Civil Engineering. He appeared on the census of 1920 in Brazos County. He died on 29 Dec., 1976 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He originally worked as a civil engineer for the Texas Highway Department, and then for the City of Fort Worth, Texas. He was a licensed Professional Engineer

He was married to (480) Elmyra (Carter) CARSON on 17 Jan., 1925 in Dallas, Texas. She was born on 7 Oct., 1901 in Grapeland, Texas. She died on 1 Aug., 1966 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Their children were:
    +481   Robert Lee Jr. CARSON
    +482   Deana Margaret (Carson) CUNNINGHAM

269     Woodrow David CARSON was born on 26 July, 1912 in Brazos County, Texas. He was a triplet with Helen Josephine and Wilson Franklin Carson. He was a surveyor. He and his family were members of the Church of Christ. He died in January of 1991 in Dennison, Texas. He was married to (483) Zethra E. (Page) CARSON.  She last lived in Dennison, Texas, and died in 1996. Their children  were:
        +484     Ann (Carson) ALLEN
+485     Helen Jane (Carson) ASH

270   Roe William CARSON was born in 1908 and died in 1987.  He received the first MS degree in Engineering Physics issued by the University of Oklahoma. He was married to (1544) Mildred (Steiner) CARSON. Roe worked for the telephone company while in college, then worked in seismographic exploration for Conoco for some years, and finally went to Garrett Exploration Company.  He and a Dr. Sidon Harris were considered the two best seismic interpreters in the US and his company had salesmen out selling his services.  he had horses and raised English Bull Dogs on an acreage between Fort Worth and Dallas.  They had two children:
    1545    David CARSON attended Rice University on a scholarship and possibly now is 
                 and attorney. It is believed he is living now (2002) in the Houston, Texas area.
    1546    Peggy CARSON possibly now lives in Tennessee.  Her married name is not

271     Alfred Doughton CARSON was born in 1897 in Brazos County, Texas. He graduated in 1918 from Texas A & M with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He was an Agricultural Engineer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He died in 1974 in Jasper or Woodville, Texas. He was married to (486) Marie (Reagan) CARSON, but divorced about 1932. Their only child was:
    +487   Eldric Reagan "Jack" CARSON

Alfred remarried in the late 1940's to a woman a few years older than him, (1754) Alma (Unknown) CARSON. She was a widow and had two children from her prior marriage.  Alfred and Alma had no children of their marriage.  She was born about 1890 and lived to the age of 104.  She died in Fishkill, New York, in the spring of 1994.  At the time of her death she was living with her daughter Anita and son-in-law Norman Faust.

308    Kenneth Raymond CARSON (see photo album) was born on 5 Sept., 1903 Texas, and was married to (1107) Rosa (Gasparovich) CARSON on 26 July, 1944.  He was in the U.S. Navy in 1944 and 1945, stationed in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska as a Seabee.  He worked for Crane Valve Company as a machinist.  In 1974 he was living in Tucson, Arizona, and attended the funeral of his cousin, (265) Allen Burton CARSON in Phoenix, Arizona.  Their known children were:
    +1108    Kenneth George CARSON
1109    Carl CARSON
1110    Rose Mary (Carson) BALICKI

309     Grace Roe (Carson) WARE (see photo album) was married to (373) George Pat Sr.  WARE. Their known children were:
    +374    Iris Matilda (Ware) ISAACS  was born on 13 Dec., 1930
    +375    George Pat Jr. WARE was born on 7 Jan., 1934
    +376    Joseph Kenneth WARE was born on 10 Aug., 1935

310    Ruby (Carson) HELM (see photo album) married (1125) Arris HELM.  Their known children were:
    +1126    Dorothy (Helm) SCOTT
+1127    Jack HELM
1128   James Richard HELM
1129   Jerry HELM

292     Sue (Carson) MORRISON was born in Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma on 18 Nov., 1926. She was married to (490) Eric Denis MORRISON on 13 May 1945 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He was born on 30 July, 1924 in Los Angeles, California. He served in the military in 1945 and 1952 in the U.S. Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel. Immediately before the atomic bombing of Japan, he was preparing for the invasion of Japan.  The atomic bombs may well have saved his life.  Their children were:
    +491     Joseph Eric MORRISON
492    Michael Dennis MORRISON  

293     Joe Malone CARSON was born on 24 Nov., 1926 in Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma. He was coached by his older brothers, particularly Roe, and started to school at the age of 5. When the family moved to Oklahoma from Texas, he was skipped a grade since Oklahoma had 12 years and Texas had, at that time, 11 years.  He enrolled at Texas A & M, class of 1945, D Company Engineers, in 1941 at the age of 16.  It was his hope to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, but the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ended that. He entered the Army Aviation Cadet program the day he turned 18 He graduated fro piling training in August of 1944 at the age of 19 and was assigned to B-24 bombers at Westover Field, Springfield Massachusetts.  He completed his training at Westover, and remained there flying anti-submarine patrol over the north Atlantic.  In July of 1945, as the war in Europe ended, he was reassigned to Epharata, Washington to train for the invasion of Japan.  He had orders to pick up a new B-24M at Hamilton Field and proceed to Guam to start bombardment of Japan in preparation for the invasion.  The dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan ended the war and there was no invasion, which was expected to take 4 million American lives and at least 8 million Japanese lives.  The atomic bomb may well have saved his life!

He developed a medestinal tubercoloma in his chest and was operated on at the Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio Texas, which had resulted from high altitude flying.  He was discharged from the Air Force with a disability rating. He then worked on a seismograph crew searching for oil in West Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.  His job was as a 'computer', computing depth and slopes of geological strata.  He returned to college, taking geology and physics, but due to a downturn in the oil business, he changed to Education, planning to teach science.

At that time, the Air Force civil service needed instructors to teach aircraft maintenance at Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas, and he taught a B-36 maintenance specialists course.
Later, because of his science background, Joe was selected to attend the Radar Maintenance Officers course at Keesler Field, Mississippi.  This was to provide the background needed to establish a missile training course at Sheppard Field.  He was promoted to supervision and assigned to the Thor missile program.  He went to Tucson, Arizona to participate in their original training which was done by contract with Douglas Aircraft, manufacturer of the Thor.  While at Tucson, he was recruited by the Aerophysics Development Corporation in Santa Barbara, California to manage their training programs.  They had the Thor and Jupiter missile nose cone programs.  The day Joe reported for work, the contracts were cancelled.  Four weeks later he was laid off and went to work for the Convair division of General Dynamics.  While at GD, he worked in the Atlas Missile Training Administration and then moved into field service as a Factory Technical Representative.  He was assigned to the 576th Missile Squadron, the first ICBM squadron.  Joe was responsible for 96 drawers of launch control relays and the teaching of launch control to the air force crews.  He was in this position during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He had to tell Texi and his young daughters "goodbye", took the evacuation route, and then reported for duty at launch control center.

When the Air Force no longer required the tech reps, Joe moved to the Minuteman Missile Program in Seattle, Washington.  He later moved into flight crew training on the Boeing 747, where he did the ground training and flight simulator section before turning the crews over to the instructors for the actual flight. He later moved into Flight Test Engineering, writing computer program specifications, contracting the coding to Boeing Computer Services, then checking the coded programs to check their performance and then certifying the programs to be used in actual flight tests.  After approximately ten years in flight test, a draft from the military side of the company for people with missile experience moved him into missile safety engineering.  After a brief introductory training program of the duties of safety engineers, Joe was assigned to write the computer specifications for a program to aid the engineers in searching through the 500 different regulatory manuals that contained over 50,000 regulations,

Joe participated in a test at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site at Yucca Flats to demonstrate to the Soviet Union that our silos could take two nuclear blasts and still launch our missiles.  The tests were done when the Russian spy satellite was overhead.  It was assumed the first blast would pile up debris over the silo, the second blast would then pack the debris.  The tests showed that our silos could clear the debris and then launch.

 He retired from Boeing Aircraft Company (in Seattle) on 31 May, 1992, his 40th wedding anniversary.  He feels that his contributions to the national security has proven greater as a civilian than it would have been had he been able to make a military career as he had planned.

    He owned a surplus BT-13 Vultee "vibrator" while working on the seismograph crews.  It threw a rod near Tucumcari, NM and he made a forced landing in a farmer's field.  The farmer moved it to his barn, and it could be there yet.  At that time, there were so many surplus airplanes that it wasn't worth fixing.  While daughter Donna was in college, he bought a Cessna 150 and kept it 3 years - his wife Texi got her pilots license and then they traded for a Piper Cherokee 140 with full instrument capability.  They made several trips to Texas in the Cherokee but its limited altitude capability made it necessary to take lowland routes over the mountains.  Donna was in Denver so they traded for a 1950B Beech V-tailed Bonanza, which could reach over 20,000 feet and was good for flying over mountains. They kept the plane for about 10 years.

  They now live in Astoria, Oregon, where they have a view of the Columbia River where it is five miles wide, and they can see many of the 4000 or more ships that use the port. One reason they moved to Astoria was to be near their daughter Donna, where she is a middle school counselor. He was Republican District Chairman in the fourth strongest democratic district in the State of Washington.  He ran for the state legislature against a long time incumbent, and although he lost, he made the strongest showing that had ever been made against that man. He was married to (494) Texi Lea (Windham) CARSON on 31 May, 1952. 

Texi was born on 8 Aug., 1934 in Sweetwater, Texas.  Her parents were J. C. Windham and Clementine Olivia (Henson) Windham.  She attended school in Colorado City, Texas, and met Joe while he was working on a seismographic crew in Colorado City. She was a stay-at-home mom until daughter Carol was in college and daughter Donna was a junior in high school.  Texi took courses leading toward airline reservatins/travel in community colleges in Santa Maria and Seattle.  She worked in the building maintenance department at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for five years, then moved to Boeing.  She and Joe owned airplanes, and she got her pilots license and became an accomplished pilot, wining the spot landing contest at a women's air race in Albany, Oregon.

Her flight experience allowed her to move into aircraft wire bundle layout and verification.  She later moved on into computer aided wire bundle development and proofed the bundles before certifying them for use on production airplanes.  Texi retired from Boeing on 31 May, 1994, two years after Joe. Their children were:
    +495     Carol (Carson) HILLIARD 
    +496     Donna Gail CARSON 

774    Dow Sr. WYNN was born in 1892 and died in 1932.married to (1402) Minnie G. (Barthe) WYNN of New Iberia, Louisiana in 1919Minnie's sister (1403) Mattie (Barthe) WYNN married Dow's brother, Earl. Dow and Minnie's  children were:
    +882    Gwendolyn Wynn KNOWLES
1404    Dow Jr. WYNN was born in 1922
    1405    Gloria V. WYNN was born in 1926

1401    Earl J. WYNN was born in 1887, and  married (1403) Mattie (Barthe) WYNN of New Iberia, Louisiana, sister to (1402) Minnie G. (Barthe) WYNN who was married to Dow Sr. WYNN. Their children were:
    1406    Albert WYNN
    1407    Barthe WYNN
    1408    Ruth WYNN

1774        William David "Red Boy" BARROW was born on 18 Sept., 1917 and died on 10 Nov., 1934, both in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas.  He was getting out of a car by his home and was hit by a passing car, killing him.  He was 17 years old. He is buried in Steep Hollow Cemetery, which is located 5 miles from Bryan.

1776    Margaret (Barrow) FULLER was born on 2 April, 1919 in College Station, Brazos County, Texas.  she was married to 1777 Roy Frances FULLER, who was born on 3 June, 1920, and died in 1990.  He is buried in Steep Hollow Cemetery, near Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. They had three children:
     +1778    Katha Julene (Fuller) COOK
1782      Florence Virginia FULLER was born on 1 Jan., 1953 and lived only 12 days
     +1783    Robert Nathaniel FULLER


374       Iris Matilda (Ware) ISAACS was born on 13 Dec., 1930.  She was married to (1111) Howard MILLER, but was subsequently divorced.  Their children were:
    1113    Kathy Grace (Miller) BELL was born on 9 Feb., 1951
    1114    Emily Jane (Miller) ASHE was born on 20 July, 1953
    1115    Fred Howard MILLER was born on 20 May, 1956

She then married (1112) Tom ISAACS. It is not known if they had any children.

375     George Pat Jr. WARE was born on 7 Jan., 1934 and married (1116) Joyce Marie (Jewett) WARE in 1954. Their children were:
    1117    Sharon Kay (Ware) HARRISON was born on 28 March, 1955 and died on 
                25 Feb., 2001
    1118    Carla Ann (Ware) MONDEN was born on 16 Feb., 1958
    1119    William "Billy" Curtis WARE was born on 7 July, 1960
    1120    Joe Don WARE was born on 31 Dec., 1962

376     Joseph Kenneth WARE was born on 10 Aug., 1935 and was married to (1121) Robby (Hyden) WARE. Their children were:
    1123    Linda (Ware) SKAGGS was born on 24 Oct., 1956
    1124    Brenda WARE was born on 3 Aug., 1958

478     Alan Barrow CARSON was born on 1 April, 1931 in Elsa, Hidalgo County, Texas. He received a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University, but had attended The University of Texas and claimed that as his real alma mater. He was a licensed professional engineer in Arizona and Texas. He worked for an Aerospace company in Phoenix for 13 years, then for a consulting engineering firm until 1975, at which time he went overseas for a project in Algeria, then subsequently in Venezuela and Turkey. While in Algeria, he had located his family in Palma de Mallorca, a Spanish resort island, as there were no housing or school facilities available in Algeria. The marriage did not survive. He was overseas for 17 years, in engineering management positions for construction of petrochemical and power facilities. He retired from Foster Wheeler Corporation in 1996, but subsequently was employed by The Morganti Group as Quality Control Manager for the new Austin-Bergstrom Airport, and as Senior Project Engineer for the new Hobby Airport Terminal Building in Houston. As of 2003 he was still working for a consulting engineering firm in Austin as a project engineer for pollution control of stack gas from coal fire power plants (2003). He is a Sigma Chi and a member of St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas, where he resides after retirement from Foster Wheeler. During the Korean War he served in the Navy at Dallas Naval Air Station as a Petty Officer Third Class. He is a Republican. After ten years of close contact with islam, he is of the opinion that it is the work of satan, and that mohamed, an illiterate warlord, was the anti-Christ.  He also wishes to advise all Mormons who read this that he is not to be baptized as an LDSer after his demise.

He was married to Luz Marina (Lopez) CARSON on 23 March, 1981 in Valencia, Venezuela. (685) Luz Marina (Lopez) CARSON was born on 16 Feb., 1956 in Santander, Colombia. She received a degree in Education (with honors) from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Hays County, Texas in Dec., 1999. She has taught bilingual education at Walnut Creek Elementary School in Austin, Travis County, Texas since graduation.  Their only child is:
     +686     Janeth Elizabeth CARSON

He was married to (687) Rachel Ann (Colby) CARSON. Their children were:
    +688     Linda Colby CARSON 
    +689     Steven Allen CARSON

He was married to (690) Barbara Ann (Remmert) CARSON. Their only child was: 
    +691     Kurt Allen CARSON

479     Rebecca Lynn (Carson) OíNEILL was born on 24 Jun., 1941 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. She was married to (692) Kermit LONG, Jr. Their only child was:
    +693     Michelle (Long) CLEAVE 

She was divorced from Kermit LONG and married (694) David GOODOIEN, to whom she was married for 25 years. She has a BA and MA from California State University Long Beach. In 1998 she married (695) Dennis OíNEILL, who was born on 2 Aus., 1947 in Springfield, Illinois. He has a BS and MS in Police Science from California State University Los Angeles and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California.  Both Becky and Dennis are school teachers in southern California. Becky is a Methodist, and was converted from Democrat to Republican by her new husband.

481     Robert Lee Jr. CARSON was born on 5 Mar., 1933 in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas. He attended Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, and was a star athlete. He attended The University of Texas on an athletic scholarship and received a degree in Business Administration. He was a pilot in the US Air Force, flying a KC-130 tanker. After his military service he returned to Fort Worth and owned his own insurance company. In 2002 he wrote and published a novel "Blowout" based on his experiences insuring oil wells against risks such as blowouts.

He married (696) Alta Gene "Genie" (Jennings) CARSON, who was born on 2 Nov., 1932. Their children were:
    +697   Robert Lee III "Robby" CARSON 
698  Richard Walter "Ricky" CARSON 
    +699  Amy Marie CARSON 

482      Deana Margaret (Carson) CUNNINGHAM was born on 6 Oct., 1926 and died about 1998.  She was married first to (1004) Clifford Denton ROLLINS in Weatherford, Texas.  They were divorced in 1951.  He was born on 4 Aug., 1922 in Granbury Texas, and died there on 6 Aug., 1957. They had one child:
    +1005    Danny Wayne ROLLINS

She then married (1006) Clinton G. CUNNINGHAM on 12 April, 1953 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  He was born on 16 Nov., 1925 in Hollis, Oklahoma.  They had no children.

484     Ann (Carson) ALLEN was born on 12 Nov., 1941 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. (Her first name is "Sadie", but she prefers to be called "Ann". She married (886) Roger Dennis ALLEN, who was born on 10 Nov., 1939 in Fort Worth. Ann and Roger were living at Canyon Lake, near New Braunfels, Texas in 2000.  Their children are:
    +887   Anthony "Tony" Dale ALLEN  
    888     Mark David ALLEN was born on 16 Feb., 1962 in Cleburne, Texas
    889     Brent Daniel ALLEN was born on 8 Jan., 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas
   +890   Craig Dennis ALLEN

485     Helen Jane (Carson) ASH was married to (531) Stanley ASH. Helen Jane and Stanley were living in Kingsland, near Marble Falls (west of Austin), in 2000.  Their children are:
    +892 Lee Ann (Ash) McCHRISTIAN
893    Larry ASH
894 Greg ASH
895    Karen (Ash) FOREMAN was in Germany in 2001 with her husband, who is in the
               US Air Force

487       Eldric Reagan "Jack" CARSON was born in 1926. He moved with his mother to Des Moines, Iowa when he was a teenager (late 1930's - early 1940's).  He graduated from Des Moines East High School.  He entered the US Army Air Corps an trained in the US during WWII and served in Europe (France and perhaps Italy) as part of the post-war occupation force.  He was honorably discharged and returned to Des Moines, Iowa.  He met (1755) Bonita Jean (Brown) CARSON, who had moved to Des Moines from West Bend, Iowa) while she was a working single woman.  They met at a dance and began dating around 1948.  They were married on 6 Nov., 1949 in Humbolt, Iowa (near West Bend).  She was born on 9 Nov., 1927 in West Bend, and was the daughter of Lon and Fern (Jacobs) BROWN, and had lived in West Bend until after high school when she went to Des Moines to work.  Jack attended Iowas State University in Ames, Iowa for 2 years, but did not graduate.  He became a Registered Mechanical Engineer in the state of Iowa and had his own engineering firm from 1965 onlward. Jack and Bonita Jean divorced after 39 years of marriage in 1988.  Neither remarried.  After a few more years in Des Moines, Jack moved to the Marathon, Florida area (in the Florida Keys).  He was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in Nov., 1993 and died about 7 weeks later on 6 Jan., 1994 in Des Moines.  He had left Florida after being diagnosed and went briefly to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.  He went home to Des Moines to die.  After staying a few days with his older son (1756) Scott Reagan CARSON, he moved in with his divorced wife Bonita Jean for a couple of weeks before going to Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines where he died peacefully (but not happily) at age 67. They had two sons:

    +1756     Scott Reagan CARSON
1757     Mark Lon CARSON

491     Joseph Eric MORRISON was born on 22 July, 1948. He was married to (896) Geraldine Ebb (Love) MORRISON in 1968. Their children are:
    897     Mary Katherine Morrison NICHOLSON was born in 1969
    898     Lilly Colleen MORRISON was born in 1974
    1549   Kelly MORRISON
He later married (899) Barbara Gale (McCarthy) MORRISON. It is not known if they have any children.

492    Michael Dennis MORRISON was born on 21 Aug., 1949. He married (1548) Helen (McCaffey) MORRISON on 1 June, 2002.  She is a professor at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

495     Carol (Carson) HILLIARD was born on 2 Jan., 1954 at Wichita Falls, Texas.  At the age of 16 she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease (lymphoma), for which the suvival rate was 63 percent at that time.  The radiation treatment was successful in stopping the disease, but left other problems.  She attended Washington State University where she met a later married (900) David Kirk HILLIARD. Their children are:
    +901     Stephen Kirk HILLARD
902     Paul Carson HILLIARD

David is one of six pastors at the largest church in Richland, Washington, Bethel Baptist Church, Conservative Baptist Convention. She graduated from WSU with a degree in education and has taught and also managed the nursery for students' children.  She is an accomplished tailor/seamstress, making wedding dresses and clothes for premature babies.  The radiation for the Hodgkins caused some heart problems and she had bypass surgery in 1999, but it was unsuccessful.  Her heart has developed some bypass circulation on its own, and she shows some improvement.  They live in Kennewick, Washington, in the Tri-Cities complex.

496     Donna Gail CARSON was born on 28 Dec., 1955 at Wichita Falls, Texas.  She would have preferred being a boy, and followed her father Joe whenever possible.  She graduated from Washington State University with a BS in psychology in three years, then went to graduate school at the University of Colorado in Denver and then in Boulder.  While in Colorado, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease (like her sister).  Radiation was unsuccessful and it took four separate series of chemotherapy to stop the disease, but by that time the tumors had caused the loss of the use of one leg.  Knowing what effect her sister's disease had on her parents, she kept it a secret as long as possible.  She has regained the use of her leg through therapy, however.

She received an MS in Agency Counseling and entered the PhD program in Philosophy, but after one year she said "no way that this is to be my life work and these people are to be my colleagues!"  Donna spent approximately 20 years in the mental health field and realized that there was really no help or cure the patients, so she decided to switch field and she went back to school and received certification as a school counselor.  She is now a middle school counselor with the Astoria, Oregon school system.  She is an accomplished carpenter and has built almost single-handed two building and is doing remodeling work on her home in Astoria.  She is also an accomplished musician, specializing in the bassoon.

882        Gwendolyn Wynn KNOWLES was born about 1928 and was married to (981) Denver KNOWLES September of 1948.  He was born in Monument, New Mexico in 1916. As of 2001, they were living in Nederland, Texas and have a Lake Home at Toledo Bend (about 125 miles north of Nederland). Inasmuch as her father and uncle were brothers, she has many double-cousins! Their children were:
    1409    Lewis Denver Jr. "Chip" KNOWLES was born in 1949 and has 4 sons.
    1410    Rebecca Dee KNOWLES was born in 1952, was married, divorced, and has no

1108    Kenneth George CARSON was born on 13 Nov., 1947 and was married to (1130) Pauline Eve (Gushes) CARSON on 23 July, 1967.  She was born on 19 Dec., 1949.  Kenneth served in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969 in the 35th Engineer Battalion.  He worked for the Chicago Transit Authority from 1971 until retirement, and was living in Illinois in 2001.  Their two children are:
    1131     Bryan Anthony CARSON was born on 20 Dec., 1968
    1132     Suzanne Paulette CARSON was born on 28 Oct., 1971   

1126      Dorothy (Helm) SCOTT

1778    Katha Julene (Fuller) COOK was born on 19 Sept., 1947 to 1779 Donald COOK. They had three children:
     1787    Donald COOK Jr. was born on 8 March, 1962
     1780    Bart COOK was born 3 Aug., 1967
     1782    Katharyn Lane COOK was born on 16 Aug., 1973

1783    Robert Nathaniel FULLER was born on 28 May, 1783.  He is married to 1787 Penny S. (Wyrick) FULLER.  They have three children:
     1784    Brittany Suzanne FULLER 
     1785    Jocelyn Michelle FULLER was born on 24 Jan., 1980
     1786    Vonda Elizabeth FULLER was born on 27 July, 1986


686     Janeth Elizabeth CARSON, was born on 17 June, 1982 in Bogota, Colombia. She lived in Afsin, Turkey  between 1982 and 1986 and in Venezuela in 1988 and 1989, and between 1992 and 1995. Her first language was Turkish, then switched twice between Spanish and English (she is very international).  She attended Anderson High School, Austin, Travis County, Texas, graduating with a 3.6 overall grade average. She was a member of the "Trojan Belles" dance team in high school. She has been a student at The University of Texas since the summer of 2000, majoring in French with a minor in International Business, and is a member of three scholastic honorary societies. During high school, she studied overseas during three summer vacations, in Switzerland, France, and England. For the school year 2002-2003, she attended The University of Lyon, France, on an exchange program with The University of Texas. She will graduate from UT the end of the fall semester, 2003.

688     Linda Colby CARSON was born on 7 Jan., 1971 in 1970 in Phoenix, Arizona, and attended school in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, from kindergarten through graduation from high school (the only student at the American School to ever have done that).  She was married to (1061) Dennis Kirk BEESE, but divorced. She lives in Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona, and is a human resources manager for a manufacturing company. She has a daughter:
    1062    Taylor BEESE was born on 8 Jan., 1995 in Reston, Virginia.

689     Steven Allen CARSON was born on 20 Aug., 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended school in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He owns a retail business in Tucson, Arizona. He married (903) Kimberly (Meggerson) CARSON in 1994 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their child is:
    904     Steven McKenzie CARSON was born on 26 Sept., 1998 in Tucson, Arizona

697     Robert Lee III "Robby" CARSON was born on 14 Jan., 1956  in Lubbock, Texas. He married (747) DeAnn (Carruthers) CARSON in Oct., 1978.  They had one child:
     1743     Heather Marie CARSON

The were divorced on 19 March, 1986, and Robby then married (1411) Kelly R. (Spann) CARSON on 22 April, 1987.   They had two children:
        1413     Robert Lee IV CARSON was born on 13 Feb., 1990 in Fort Worth, Texas
        1744     Kimberly CARSON was born early in 1988

Robby and Kelly were then divorced and he married (1745) Paula (Unknown) CARSON. 
He is employed by The Campus Crusade for Christ.

698     Richard Walter "Ricky" CARSON was born on 3 Sept., 1957 in Austin, Texas. He 
was married to (1412) Mellissa "Missie" L. (Hayden) CARSON on 16 April, 1988 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  She was born in 1963. They have three children:
     1746      Kendall CARSON
     1747      Hayden CARSON
     1748      Rachel CARSON

699    Amy Marie (Carson) BROWN was born on 21 April, 1961 in Fort Worth, Texas. 
She married (1414) Raymond C. Jr. BROWN on 26 June, 1984 in Fort Worth. He was born in 1962 and is a medical doctor. They have two daughters:
     1749    Kathryn CARSON
     1750    Rebecca LEIGH
691     Kurt Allen CARSON was born on 6 Aug., 1958 in Kansas, and attended Southwest Texas State University. He owns "Kurtís Auto Werks", a garage specializing in import automobiles, in Austin, Texas. He was married for 9 years to Norma CARSON, but had no children. They were divorced in 2000. He currently resides very near Lake Travis, Travis County, Texas, across the highway from the entrance to Lago Vista. His hobbies are flying (he owns a Cessna 172), soaring, sailing (he owns a sailboat), and scuba diving.

693     Michelle (Long) CLEAVE was born on 7 March, 1963 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. She is a technical writer, and has a BA degree from California State University Long Beach.  She is married to (1063) Robert CLEAVE, who is an aerospace engineer.  He has a BS degree in engineering from Arizona State University, and is employed by the Loral company. They live in Half Moon Bay, California in 2001.  Their children are:
    1064    Amber Michelle CLEAVE was born on 27 June, 1983
    1065    Autumn Alisa CLEAVE
    1066    Cassandra Marylynn CLEAVE

887   Anthony "Tony" Dale ALLEN was born on 20 Aug., 1961 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  He is married to (1007) Sonja ALLEN. Their known child is:
    1008    Sivana Lynn ALLEN

889   Brent Daniel ALLEN was born on 8 Jan., 1970 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, and was married to (1427) Tanya (Sticka) ALLEN in May, 2000

890     Craig Dennis ALLEN was born on 25 May, 1966 in Cleburne, Texas. He was married to (905) Lisa Kaye (Petty) ALLEN on 29 June, 1985 in Fort Worth, Texas. She was born on 10 Dec., 1965 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Craig and Lisa were living in North Richland Hills, near Fort Worth, Texas, in 2000.  Their children are:
    906     Patrick Jay ALLEN was born on 20 Oct., 1985
    907     Paige Denise ALLEN was born on 28 June, 1989
    908     Christopher Daniel ALLEN was born on 17 March, 1991

892     Lee Ann (Ash) McCHRISTIAN was born on 3 May, 1956 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, and Married (1000) John Wiley Jr. McCHRISTIAN on 26 March, 1976 in Denton, Texas.  John was born on 23 Aug., 1954 in Big Spring, Texas.  They live (2001) in El Paso, El Paso county, Texas, where John in a law partner in the firm of Ray, McChristian & Jeans.  They are both very active in Mt. Franklin Baptist Church, where they both teach Sunday school, and Lee Ann teaches a weekday Bible study.  Lee Ann is a "show mom" for her daughter's quarter horses, and is on the board for the Southwest Quarter Horse Association.  Their children are:
    1001    Sean Michael McCHRISTIAN was born on 3 May, 1980 in San Antonio,
                 Bexar County, Texas, and attended the University of Texas at Austin,
                 majoring in government, intending to enter UT Law School in 2002.
    1002   Devin Patrick McCHRISTIAN was born on 29 Oct., 1982 in El Paso, El
                Paso County, Texas. He graduated from high school in El Paso in the spring
                of 2001, and will attend New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New 
                Mexico, in the fall of 2001.
    1003   Megan Kathleen McCHRISTIAN was born on 7 March, 1985 in El Paso,
                El Paso County, Texas.  She was a sophomore in high school in El Paso in 
                2001.  She shows quarter horses and has many accomplishments in that 

894     Greg ASH was born on 20 June, 1959 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, and married (1574) J'Nell Lynn (Gazaway) ASH on 4 June, 1982 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. J'Nell was born on 5 April, 1963 in Raton, New Mexico.  Greg earned a BS from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas in 1989 and an MS from Cameron University in 1993.  He is employed by the Halliburton Company, and they live in Duncan, Oklahoma.  They have three children:
    1575    Brianna Lynn ASH was born on 16 March, 1984 in Durango, Colorado
    1576    Jeffrey Brian ASH was born on 16 Nov., 1986 in Durango, Colorado
    1577    Kimberlee Ann ASH was born on 26 May, 1988 in Lubbock, Texas

901     Stephen Kirk HILLARD married (1551) Natalie (Greenberg) HILLIARD, 
and they have one son, (1552) Christian HILLIARD.

1005    Danny Wayne ROLLINS was born on 23 Sept., 1943 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  He was married to (1012) Lesia (Buchanan) ROLLINS in Aug., 1962, in Kennedale, Texas, and later divorced.  Their child was:
    1013    Kelly Rene ROLLINS was born on 18 May, 1964 in Oahu, Hawaii

He then married (1014) Jan (Vanlandingham) ROLLINS in Dec., 1969, and later divorced.  They had two daughters:
    1015    Tracy Diane ROLLINS was born on 20 Aug., 1971 in Fort Worth, 
                Tarrant County, Texas
    1016    Jennifer Dawn ROLLINS was born on 22 Sept., 1973 in Fort Worth, 
                Tarrant County, Texas.
He then married (1017) Shirley (Kilburn) ROLLINS in May of 1977 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  She had two children from a previous marriage:
    1018    Cindy UNKNOWN
    1019    David Leever UNKNOWN
 1756     Scott Reagan CARSON was born on 19 April, 1951 at Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.  He was raised in Des Moines and lived his entire life there.  He gradated from Des Moines Lincoln High School in 1969 and attended the University of Iowa for a year.  He was a member of the National Guard for a number of years beginning about 1972.  He worked as an Electrical Engineer, first with his father (487) Jack Carson and later for other firms in Des Moines. He was married three times.  First, to Debra "Debbie" Lynn Fitzgerald of Des Moines on 28 April, 1972.  They divorced a couple of years later.  He then married Judith "Judy" Kay Jones, also of Des Moines in 1976.  They divorced in 1979.  There were no children from either marriage.  He then married (1758) Barbara Ann (Berglund) CARSON of Des Moines on 12 Oct., 1990 in Missouri at a Justice of the Peace.  Scott died of a fatal first heart attack on 5 August, 1995.  He is buried in  West Bend, Iowa which is his mother's home town.  He was 44 years old and in apparent good health when he died, except he had been a smoker most of his adult life. Scot and Barbara had one child:
     1759     Julia Reagan CARSON was born on 10 June, 1994, and was 13 months old  
                   when her father died.

1757     Mark Lon CARSON was born on 31 March, 1953 at Lutheran Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa.  He was raised in Des Moines and graduated from Lincoln High School there.  He attended Iowa State University for one year (1971-1972) and did a semester at Simpson College in Indianola in 1973. He worked for Emery Air Freight in Des Moines and at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois.  He met and married Laura Mae (Ignowski) CARSON of Ankeny, Iowa (a suburb of Des Moines) in 1976. they moved to Hawaii, but the marriage dissolved and they were divorced in 1979.

Mark remained in Hawaii and worked for the airlines and as an air traffic controller while taking computer science at Leeward College in Pearl City, Hawaii. He had been hang gliding since 1979, but in May of 1983 he had a launch accident, breaking both legs, his left arm, bones in both hands, a rib, and a toe.  He was in the hospital for 3 weeks , then to rehabilitation for 5 weeks.  He was in a wheel chair and on crutches for 2 months, only getting on his feet in Sept. of 1983.  He had a total of 6 operations over a two year period to repair 25 fractures.  He met (1760) Tammy Elizabeth Mapuana (Pa) CARSON in 1986, who worked for her aunt and uncle at Trophy House while attending the University of Hawaii on Manoa in Honolulu.  They were married on 15 August, 1992, and bought the Trophy House from her aunt and uncle.  Mark is self employed as a software engineer as well as helping manage their business.  They live in Mililani, a bedroom community near Honolulu.  They have two children:
     +1761      Tristin Jacqueline Kapuapulama CARSON  
1762      Troy Albert Kaulana CARSON


1761      Tristin Jacqueline Kapuapulama CARSON  was born on 26 Dec., 1993 in 
Hawaii and attends Mililani High School in Mililani (where her family lives).

1762      Troy Albert Kaulana CARSON was born on 2 Oct., 1996 and attends Punahou School in Honolulu.


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This cemetery is located about five miles from the City of Bryan, Texas, Brazos County, set in a peaceful and picturesque V-like setting of two roads. It originally was named "Saints' Rest" after the Baptist Church located just across the road.  When originally organized in 1873 the church had about 60 members.  The church was located in the community of Steep Hollow, which soon would have a general store, a cotton gin, a grist mill, and a Methodist Church.  On August 14, 1966, the congregation of Saint's Rest deeded the Cemetery to the Steep Hollow Cemetery Association.  The name of the church was also changed to that of the community.  An annual homecoming and cemetery association meeting is held on the first Sunday in June. There are no Carsons buried there, but several members of the Barrow family are.

Trevia Wooster Beverly, Houston Texas.  July, 2003

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