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CHAPTER 14 - Sarah Ann Swan (Carson) McDonald


1438     Sir James mor McDONALD, Second Baronet of Sleat, Lord of the Isles, was born 1643 on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  The name of his wife is unknown.  They had one known son:
     +1439    Roderick McDONALD


1439     Roderick McDONALD was born in 1693.  The name of his wife is unknown.  They had one known son:
    +1440    John McDONALD


1440     John McDonald was born 1733  on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  The name of his wife is unknown.  They had one known son:
    +1437    Rory McDONALD


1437     Rory McDONALD was born 1704 on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  The name of his wife is unknown.  They had one known son:
    +1433    Donald McDONALD


1433     Donald McDONALD was born in Scotland and married (1436) Kezia Robinson (or Robertson), in 1760 in Richmond County, North Carolina.  Donald came to America in 1758 as lieutenant of Grenadiers in Montgomery's Regiment to help put down the rebellion.  The name of his wife is not known.  They had one known son:
    +1441    Eli McDONALD


1441    Eli McDONALD was born on 19 Dec., 1773 and died in 1842 in Greene County, Alabama.  He was married to (1442) Mary Ann (Bostick) McDONALD on 6 Feb., 1800 in Richmond County, North Carolina. Mary Ann's  father was James Bostick, a revolutionary War soldier.  James was born in 1750 in Queen Anne Co., Maryland and died in 1823 in Richmond County, North Carolina, and was married to Comfort (Mnu) Bostick in 1767.  Comfort  was born in about 1751 and died after 1823. Mary Ann was born in Anson County, North Carolina.  Eli and Mary Ann had 7 sons and 2 daughters.  One son was:
    +20    James Bostick McDONALD, who married (66) Sarah Ann Swan (Carson)    


66    Sarah Ann Swan (Carson) McDONALD (see photo album) was born on 17 Nov., 1816 in South Carolina, and died in 1897 in Mississippi. She was married to (20) James Bostick McDONALD on 12 Nov., 1832 in Greene County, Alabama.  James was born in 1803 in North Carolina and died on 20 July, 1861 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi and is buried there on the home place.  Sarah Ann was probably buried in Lauderdale County, also.

 Sarah and James lived near Enterprise, Coffee Co., Alabama when they married, then in Marion County, Mississippi, where they lived until their deaths. They had 14 children, of whom four died and were buried on the home place.  One child is buried in Alabama, one in Texas, and six in Pace's Cemetery, (Now Fellowship Cemetery), Lauderdale Co., Mississippi. Their children were:
    +21      John McDONALD 
    +1422  Emily (McDonald) SNOWDEN 
1443   Elizabeth (McDonald) MILES was born in 1837 in Wilcox County, Alabama.
                  She was married to James J. MILES
      1444   Eli McDONALD was born in 1836 in Wilcox County, Alabama.  He was married
                  to Hannah Polk GILLESPIE in 1867.
      1445   William C. (Bill) McDONALD was born on 22 Nov., 1838 in Wilcox County,
                  Alabama, and died on 2 March, 1882.  He was married to Mary Henderson
                  GILLESPIE on 22 Nov., 1858.
      1446   James McDONALD was born in 1843 in Wilcox County, Alabama
      1447   Mary Ann (McDonald) MILES was born on 10 Jan., 1847 in Lauderdale
                  County, Mississippi.  She was married to R. Lee MILES
      1448   Andrew J. McDONALD was born in 1845 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi,
                  and was married to Martha Anderson GILLESPIE.
      1449   Nancy T. McDONALD was born in 1848 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi.
      1450   Margaret McDONALD was born in Lauderdale County, Mississippi.


21    John McDONALD fought with the 13th Mississippi Infantry during the War Between the States. He was married to (1423) Susan Hasseltine (King) McDONALD.  Their known child was:
    +1424    Minnie (McDonald) HAMILTON

1422  Emily (McDonald) SNOWDEN was born on 1 May, 1855 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi and died at age of 80 years on 26 April, 1936.  she is buried at Pine Grove Baptist Church in Neshoba County, Mississippi.  She was married to (1429) William Harvey SNOWDEN, and had written wrote a journal on the lives of her parents Sarah Ann and James, which is now the property of Lamar McDonald, a descendent of Emily's and cousin of (1428) Eileen Hamilton CARTER,  who is included in this chapter, following.


1424    Minnie (MacDonald) HAMILTON married (1430) Theodore McKnight HAMILTON. One of their known children was:
     +1431    Theodore McKnight Jr. HAMILTON


1431    Theodore McKnight Jr. HAMILTON was born in 1903 in Kemper County, Mississippi.  He married (1432) Martha McKenzie HAMILTON, who is still living in Petal (near Hattiesburg) Mississippi, as of Feb., 2002, although in poor health since 1997, having heart problems and having lost her sight.  She is now being cared for by (1433) Eileen (Hamilton) CARTER. She is the daughter of (1451) William David McKENZIE, who was born in 1867 in Perry County, Mississippi, and (1452) Mary Elizabeth (Mixon) McKenzie, who was born in 1875 Their two children were:
     +1433    Eileen (Hamilton) CARTER
     +1434    David McKnight HAMILTON


1433   Eileen (Hamilton) CARTER was born on 7 Oct., 1942 in Forrest County, Mississippi, and was raised in Petal, just across the Leaf River from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  She graduated from Petal High School and the University of Southern Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with an MSN.  She is a Registered Nurse (Cardiovascular Clinical Specialist).  She married (1435) Dr. William Larkin Jr. CARTER, MD, and lived for many years in Meridien, Mississippi, where he practiced medicine.  He died in 1996.  She has two grown children and 4 grandchildren who all live in Meridien, 85 miles from Petal.  her hobbies are reading, gardening, playing the flute (since the fifth grade), and genealogy.  With her husband, they loved hunting and fishing.  Her family has been in Petal since her great-great-grandfather Alexander McKenzie moved there from North Carolina in 1810.  Her mother had restored an old settlers cabin built there in 1846 and it is often visited and used, such as bivouacs by Confederate re-enactors.

1434      David McKnight HAMILTON lives on the same home place as his sister, Eileen.  He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and taught music for many years in several high schools.  He got is Masters in piano performance later.  He was teaching at Pascagoula High School in 1974 when his father (and Eileen's) died, and a year later moved back home to help out with his mother.   He is Church Organist for St. Paul's Methodist Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and commutes there twice a week.  He accompanies students at USM and has been helping his sister with their mother. He has never married.


1.    The journal of Emily McDonald Snowden, daughter of Sarah Ann Swan (Carson) 
       McDonald, and granddaughter of John C. Carson.

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